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Last Christmas RideA Very Special Christmas Offer for supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

When you make a donation through this link to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, you will be able to purchase a hand autographed editon of Edie Hand's novella, The Last Christmas Ride.

This is Edie Hand's personal story about her close relationship with her brother and a long time tradition at the holidays.

Just donate at least $10 a month for one year to the hospital and you can buy this book for only $5.00.



ABC's of Selling with Etiquette


Pub Date September 2010

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ABC's of Selling with Etiquette Presentation
for authors at Birmingham Library, 12:00 Dec 4th

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Women of True Grit

Contributors to Women of True Grit

Free Download "Women of True Grit"
song "You Paved The Way"
by Ashley Harris, www.ashleyharris.com

Lyrics to song "You Paved the Way"

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31 Things to Raise a Child's Self-Esteem

Pub Date June 2010

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"The Unexpected Gift" Cancer


"The Unexpected Gift" Cancer with Dr. Patrick Daughtery
Pub Date Summer 2009

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Retail $16.95
ISBN information
* Soft Cover: 9781440187674, 1440187673
* eBook: 9781440187681, 1440187681
eBook will be available on iUniverse - Dec 7
In addition order online at www.booksamillion.com

The Genuine Elvis

3      6

The Genuine Elvis: “Ronnie McDowell has the incredible ability to perform and paint Elvis like no other artist.” -Mike Curb, Curb Records

Published in 2009
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Elvis: The Movie starring Kurt Russell in 1979
directed by John Carpenter


Ronnie McDowell and Edie at the Sound Shop in Nashville, TN doing the commentary while watching the film Elvis (1979). The DVD with commentary will be released by the Shout Factory 1st Qtr 2010.

The Soldier's Ride


The Soldier's Ride: The story is a salute to veterans everywhere, regardless of the war, and the sacrifice they make for their country. It is also a story for those who are left behind and the sacrifices they make in wartime as well. This theme resonates strongly with today's world situation. But this is primarily the story of parallel journeys, each derailed by war that are righted and put back on course thanks to family, friends, and faith.

Endorsement: "As a career military member and one who served in Vietnam, I found myself absorbed in The Soldier's Ride from the first words. The impact we can have on the lives of others, frequently without realizing it, is a subject I've long been interested in and spoken about. Edie Hand with Jeffery Addison's words give us an inspiring example of this, the strength we may unexpectedly draw from others in our greatest hours of need, and of true heroism. It's a book to read, remember and reflect about and I've done all three…. I hope your book sells even a 10th as well as The Shack." - Wilma L Vaught, Brig General, USAF Ret., President of Women's Memorial Foundation, Washington DC.

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Christy's Bookshelf

Lyrics in The Soldier's Ride are "A Miracle in Me" by Ashley Harris
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To learn more about Ashley Harris goto www.ashleyharris.com

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A Christmas Ride


A Christmas Ride is a multi-faceted story that any family can relate to, and about sharing the miracle of the season. The wondrous display of lights on a snowy mountaintop is the perfect metaphor.

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Call (800) 222-9796 or
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The Last Christmas Ride


Despite the tragedies, this is the uplifting story of how one woman overcomes adversity and heartbreak through faith and family and emerges stronger than ever, and of how she gets past the obstacles on her journey through life and learns how important it is to experience the joy of the ride.

For autographed copies, email ediehand@charter.net

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Cancer Survivor Gives Back with Cookbook

An Old-Fashioned Christmas - Pat Boone

Last Christmas Ride - Edie Hand (Edie Hand and the late Buddy Killen)

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The Soldiers Ride -eBook by Edie Hand A Christmas Ride- ebook by Edie Hand